About the Owner

Hi! I'm Lindsey, the new owner of Redwood Cloth Company! I am a nurse, military spouse, and mom to three beautiful babies located in Southern California.

Since deciding to use cloth on our most recent child, I have discovered a passion for it and other reusables. My family is committed to doing our part to lighten our foot-print here on Earth. I would love to do what I can to make it easy and affordable to diaper babies in a more sustainable, absolutely adorable, and eco-friendly way. 

This website currently operates on a preorder basis. What you see here is mocked-up images of files that will be sent to a manufacturer, who then prints the fabric, laminates it, and sews it into beautiful diapers and accessories. Once the products are finished, the entire order will be shipped to me, where I will test and quality check all the items. The products will then be packed and shipped to the customers who placed a preorder, and extras will be added to the website for in-stock purchases.

Thanks to the pandemic, sometimes there are global supply constraints and shipping delays. My manufacturer and I both try our best to ship as fast as we are able, but there may be unavoidable delays. Updates will be posted often in the Facebook VIP Group, linked at the bottom of this page.

Prices may fluctuate between different seasons based on global material availability and shipping costs. I will always offer the best price I can while being able to keep my family and company afloat! 

The original owner came up with the name Redwood Cloth Company after brainstorming what communities or organizations she wanted to support with this business. As a California company, she wanted something closer to home. The Redwood National and State Parks boast the oldest and tallest trees on the entire planet, and are truly breathtaking to see in real life. They are a valuable part of our ecosystem and need to be preserved.

A portion of the annual proceeds will be donated each year to the Save the Redwoods League to help protect, preserve, and restore these ancient forests. I would like to continue this tradition started by the original owner, because my family and I enjoy doing our part to help preserve these amazing wonders.

PLEASE NOTE: Redwood Cloth Co. is not in any way affiliated with the Save the Redwoods Foundation. This is just an organization that we love and want to support. For more information, click here.

Thank you so much for you support. Every purchase made to a small business is more than just money spent. It means new shoes for school, art lessons, groceries and etc. Support small businesses like mine wherever you can!

If you have any questions about our products, policies, or anything, feel free to email us, message the Facebook Business Page, or to DM the Business Instagram Page. Links are at the bottom of the page.